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Other Genres

Grief, warm summer evenings, hope, and everything in between.

Below you'll find my publications that don't quite fit within Horror or Romance. I have an ever growing list of pieces being published including poetry, drabbles, flash fiction, short stories, and non-fiction pieces.

Book and Anthology Publications:

"Tear Stained," "Freely Flowing," "Gravestone Heart," "Handmade," and "Half a Memory- May 15th, 2024

My poems are included in the anthology, "Shards: A Mental Health Charity Anthology," published with Ravens Quoth Press.

"A Letter to my Father- November 17th, 2023

My letter is included in the themed anthology, "Letters I'll Never Send," published by Bluu Books.

"Child at Heart" - December 23rd,  2022

My poem is included in the Christmas themed anthology, "Christmas Cheerios" published by Wingless Dreamer.

"A Letter to a Young Mother" - May 7th,  2022

My poem is included in the mother themed anthology, "Mother, a Title Just Above Queen" published by Wingless Dreamer.

"Louder and Louder" - April 16th, 2022

My poem is included in the global anthology, "War Against Peace."

Magazine (Digital & Print):

"Exhale Into Action" - TBA: 2022

My poem is included in the "1st Quarter Preventable Gun Violence. 2021. Volume One" run by Gnashing Teeth Publishing.

"Counting Down" - February 2013

My poem was published in the spring issue of Purdue University's physical literary magazine, "The Bell Tower."

Digital Publications:

"Graveyard Whispers"- November 2nd, 2021

My poem was published on Hey Young Writer, a blog for and by aspiring writers.

"Dazzling Resilience"- May 12th, 2021

My poem about women's strength won 2nd place in a writing contest hosted by Lipstick and Rage, a women's empowerment publication that uplifts the voices and stories of women.

"Moving Forward" - March 21st, 2021

My poem about my inner child won 3rd place in a poetry contest hosted by Andie Hobbs and The Healer Connection.

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