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Fashion Trends, Deadly Ends

A Green Avenue Books Publication!


Take a journey through a gruesome history of fashion.

Rib removal, poisonous dyes, sewn eyelashes...the cost to stay in fashion.

From Head to Toe, Brianna Malotke tells the tales of deadly fashion trends in history through beautiful poetry.

What Readers are Saying...

Amazon Review -

"It seems like she really did a lot of in-depth research to learn about that time period and the fascinating cause and effect between fashion trends that lead to your ultimate demise.
I really liked how it's also very accessible to any level of reader. A really nice way to enjoy the weekend, while learning something new at the same time."

Good Reads Review -

"What. A. Collection. I received this book at midnight, read a little, and finished it up before work. Malotke is an incredible poet. The direction she took of mixing fashion trends of olden times, fun [and often deadly facts], and the corresponding poetry for each section was done beautifully. Each piece in a particular section, while having the same theme, all stood out in their own way. The climb from the exquisiteness of each trend and its eventual downfall of the tragedy behind it is incredible. Fashion lovers....poet lovers...history lovers... please check this collection out!!!"

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