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Written under the pen name:

Tori Fields

The Sugar & Steam Series has all the sweet and heat you want in your instalove romance. This novella series is quick-reading and heart meltingly full of the emotion you're craving.

Published with Last Chapter Press.


Whole Latte Love, Book 3 in the Sugar & Steam Series

I’ve already experienced true love and ever since I lost him, I’ve felt guilty about trying for love again.
Thankfully, I’m able to stay busy running the roastery and enjoy my small-town life in Kastle Harbor.
When I run into Theodore at my friend Violet’s wedding, I can’t help but share a dance with him.
Theo is unlike anything you’d expect from a mystery writer.
He’s like a California surfer playing Professor, his tanned muscles wrapped in tweed, and he makes me feel like my old self before I became a widow.
But can I finally push past my guilt and fall in love again?

I’m a mystery writer who has no idea what’s happening in my next book.
The only thing I know is my deadline is approaching much too quickly.
Luckily, I’m attending my old college friend’s wedding and can relax and work through my writer’s block while staying in Kastle Harbor for a bit.
Enter Marie, a stunning woman with dance moves unlike any other.
We share a kiss at the wedding & I find myself enthralled.
Marie is a strong business woman with curves that would make any man swoon.
But I tend to fall fast and hard for the wrong women.
Can I push past my fears of old relationships and truly give Marie my heart?

Perfect Blend, book 2 in the Sugar & Steam Series

I thought a move from the city would take me far from the pain of my divorce.
Everything moves slower in Kastle Harbor, and the pace lets me savor my coffee for once and focus on the work I love.
When I meet the man behind the roastery, my heart races, and not just from the caffeine, and time seems to stand still when I’m around him.
Victor is stunningly handsome and decadently charming; I could just drink him up.
Even if I really want to, can I open my heart after everything I’ve been through?

My sister claims I avoid relationships because of my cruel ex-fiancé.
Now my life is my coffee shop, but I’d give up my demanding work schedule if I met the right person.
After years of casual dating, I can’t imagine she’s out there.
When my sister sets me up on a date with the new woman in town, I’m skeptical, but what can it hurt?
Enter Sally, the big city girl who knows her coffee beans and I’m more than impressed, I’m enchanted.
She’s bubbly, athletic, honest, and Sally knows what she wants in life.
I want to be a part of her future, but our pasts seem to burn us at every turn.
Can we find the right blend of happiness, love, and forever after?

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Gingerbread Hearts - Tori Fields.jpg

Gingerbread Hearts, Book 1 in the Sugar & Steam Series

My life in Kastle Harbor is… simple and yet, complicated.
I had it all planned out, the perfect job, the perfect guy, and the perfect life.
But when is life ever perfect? Never.
The job is still here, but the guy is long gone.
Enter Jake Barlow, he’s unexpected in the best ways. He’s tall, sweet, and has a touch that makes my heart speed into the future, but he’s not permanent in this town.
It's not just the miles between our cities that makes me cautious, it’s our pasts with love.
Can we find a way to close the distance between our imperfect hearts?

Love scares me. There, I said it.
I’ve been cautious of laying my heart on the line and my fears hold me at arms’ length of finding love.
When I’m called back to Kastle Harbor for a holiday event I meet someone who could sweeten my coffee every morning and heat up every night.
Violet is scared, but so am I. She’s smart, and sassy, and has the vision for a future that I need in my life.
When my grandmother happily meddles into the situation, I have to reexamine what I really want in life.
Can I start something wonderful and commit to Violet to release the pain of my past?

Sprinkling of Love, Prequel Short Story to the Sugar & Steam Series


My bakery & cafe are my life, not enough time for things like relationships. 
When the right recipe for love is in front of me, in the form of a tall carpenter who is really good with his hands… it’s time to have a taste of his sweetness.
Liam adds the right spice to my nights and helps me see what more I could have in live, but he’s temporary here in my small town coastal town and he’s talking of moving on when all I want is for him to stay. 
If he leaves will my heart find a way to move on, or can will we both get what we’ve wanted all along?  


I’m here for a job, that’s all. 
When I meet the adorable and passionate store owner, I’m instantly taken. 
Bethany is a treat for the eyes with a sexy confidence and generous heart, she opens my eyes to the possibility of opening my heart to someone.
But this town isn’t home and my business is miles away. 
She says she understands but part of me is hoping there’s a way. 
Is it time to take a chance on us? 

This is the prequel to the Sugar & Steam Series of steamy and heartfelt stories of how sweet finding love can be. 

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